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Pass Us Forward..

OneLoan helps you breathe a little easier. Send our details onto family, friends or colleagues to help them too.


OneLoan merges your multiple debts into 1 financially freeing lending solution. 1 payment, 1 rate and 1 end date in sight.


OneLoan brings surplus back into your regular and ongoing budget, so share the discovery with others.


OneLoan credits your account for referrals. This is just one way we help our clients to financial independence.


A OneLoan consolidation loan is a credit product provided through careful attention to detail. Your detail.

As you will have discovered for yourself, the OneLoan team will stop at nothing to provide you with the perfect consolidation solution.

The dedication we have shown you is what you should expect from a Lender, each and every time you are in need of finance, answers, or a set of ears and eyes to listen to you and understand.

We don’t just want you to enjoy these experiences, we want the country to as well. Please pass that experience forward.


We explained that a OneLoan loan is not the end of the road, it’s the first step towards obtaining financial freedom.

Part of that freedom comes from choosing the right path, and another part from using the skills you learn to help others to learn also.

Refer those who may have had similar experiences as yourself and help them begin to take better care of their own financial well-being. Should you do so, our team take that responsibility very seriously and we will provide the same care and attention to others as we did for you.


OneLoan is here to change your life for good, forever.

Every referral that is accepted by OneLoan will earn you a $100 credit against your Loan account*, every single time.

*This applies to any $1,000+ OneLoan consolidation loan that is applied for by a person new to OneLoan and drawn down. You’ll receive a credit up to $100 against your loan balance, meaning if you have a balance of less than $100 that your loan will be settled in full.

Contact Us

Our specialist team is here to explain what we do and how we do it, learn about your needs and requirements and then get stuck into finding the best solution to your individual situation as quickly as possible.

Our services are highly tailored and we often have to ask personal questions to fully understand your situation and finances. We treat you and your private information with respect, fairness and integrity at all times.