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Costs of Borrowing..

Comparing OneLoan costs of borrowing with your existing debts is so important we’ve put it all here in black and white.

100% Transparent

OneLoan’s fees, terms, and conditions are 100% disclosed so you know exactly what is happening at any time.

100% Trustworthy

Our team listen with respect, understand your needs, then use their expertise to provide an outcome that is best for you.

100% Tailored

You buy clothes that fit, why should your finance solutions be any different? OneLoan is 100% tailored to your needs.

Interest Rates

Interest applies to every OneLoan account.

About Interest

Real Finance’s interest rates are fixed for the term of your loan. The rate offered to you will depend on your specific circumstances, taking into account:

  • How much you want to borrow
  • The term of your Loan
  • Your income and expenses
  • Your credit history
  • What collateral is being offered
  • Any other pertinent information

Annual Interest Rate

Our current interest rates for consolidation lending range from 9.95% to 29.95% per annum.

Interest is calculated daily on the balance of your loan and is debited to your account weekly.

If you wish to save money on interest costs, you can make a higher bulk or regular repayment at any time.

Default Interest Rate

In the event of a default in your repayments and while you have arrears, you must pay the default interest rate on the overdue portion of your loan.

The Default Interest Rate is 20.00% per annum higher than the Interest Rate applicable to your loan and is debited to your account weekly.

You can avoid this cost all together by keeping your account up to date.

Standard Fees

Standard fees apply to every OneLoan account.

Establishment Fee

Includes processing and approving your application, identity verification requirements, affordability assessments and analysis, risk and collateral analysis, anti-money laundering and countering financing of terrorism procedures, loan documenting, providing and explaining disclosures to you in full and once signed and returned, paying out all loan funds.

This is debited to your loan and repaid over time.

Monthly Administration Fee

The cost of keeping your loan account active, including providing you any mandatory loan statements, repayment management, ongoing AML-CFT compliance (including transaction and account monitoring), account & collateral maintenance and any other administrative tasks needed.

This is debited to your account at the end of each month where you have an outstanding balance.

Monthly Default Fee

Avoid Default Fees all together by keeping your account up to date.

Charged each month (part charged weekly in arrears for your benefit) that your loan account is in arrears. This fee compensates us in part for the resources required to enforce the terms and conditions of your account should you enter into default, including contacting the parties to the loan and dealing with outcomes.

Tailored Fees

Tailored fees are chargeable only if they apply to your situation.

Third Party Fees

  • PPSR Search ~ $2.30
  • PPSR Registration ~ $8.05
  • Centrix Credit Inquiry ~ $4.02
  • Equifax Score Inquiry ~ $7.82
  • Wheels Report & PPSR Search – Centrix ~ $6.90
  • AutoPlus Check ~ $12.82
  • E-Documents Fee ~ $1.05
  • EBANK solution ~ $2.50
  • Biometric Verification ~ $13.80
  • Valuation Fee ~ Dependent on Your Location & Items
  • Certificate of Title Search ~ $45
  • Legal Fees ~ Dependent On Action Taken

Credit & Administration Fees

  • Loan Statement Fee ~ $8
  • Full Pre-Payment Fee ~ $12222
  • Contract Re-Documentation Fee ~ $43
  • Collateral Amendment Fee ~ $36

Default Fees

  • SMS (Text) Message ~ $2.51
  • Telephone Call Fee ~ $4
  • Wheels Report Base Fee – Centrix ~ $3.45
  • Consumer Monitor Fee ~ $17
  • Letter Fee ~ $5
  • Legal Notice Fee ~ $46
  • Payment Reversal Fee ~ $2.66
  • Travel Fee (per hour) ~ $50
  • Home Visit Fee ~ $70
  • Default Time Fee (per hour) ~ $50
  • Enforcement Fees ~ Dependent On Action Taken

Contact Us

Our specialist team is here to explain what we do and how we do it, learn about your needs and requirements and then get stuck into finding the best solution to your individual situation as quickly as possible.

Our services are highly tailored and we often have to ask personal questions to fully understand your situation and finances. We treat you and your private information with respect, fairness and integrity at all times.