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The OneLoan Story..

OneLoan helps you breathe a little easier. Combine your multiple debts into one easy to manage loan.

Super Efficient

OneLoan transforms your financial nightmares, created over decades, into a financially freeing lending solution.

Deeply Committed

Our team listen with respect, understands your needs, then uses their expertise to provide an outcome that is best for you.

Highly Skilled

Our team are specialists who possess deep understanding of how Kiwis and their finances work. Let us help you today.

Consider This.

OneLoan is a response to being immersed daily in the New Zealand finance industry and understanding the patterns of how Kiwis are accumulating debt.

Collectively we as consumers spent more than $169 Billion NZ dollars in 2021. Nearly $65 Billion of that was purchased just on credit cards alone and doesn’t include what we borrowed via personal loans, buy-now-pay-later services, hire purchases or other means to fund our purchases.

Credit should be an obtainable option for everyone and for those who use credit products wisely, it can be a useful and beneficial tool. However, Kiwi’s heavy reliance on credit is problematic and without responsible and transparent lending processes in place, we as a nation are struggling to reduce our debts.

Created by Need..

As a financial institution Real Finance sees all types of people requesting credit and for all sorts of circumstances. It is rare that we encounter a person who has the money available for their need but is simply choosing to fund it via a credit option.

More often what we see is the culmination of years of incremental, increased reliance on various credit products until this use of credit has become integrated into our daily lifestyle – Budgets which manage to repay debts but leave nothing for rainy days, savings or such unique life events as unforgettable travel, dream cars, or forever homes.

The need to squeeze your multiple debts into one manageable account, with an end date in sight, a regular repayment which brings surplus back into your budget and allows you to begin making decisions about what you use that surplus for is very Real.

Driven by You…

OneLoan is here to change your life for good, forever.

Our team are highly dedicated professionals. We are here to assess your individual financial situation, listen to you and understand your goals. We provide tailored solutions which fit your purposes perfectly, and all within a time critical environment so you can get on with enjoying life.

OneLoan exists to allow breathing space while you transition from a debt laden consumer checking daily to make sure your bills can be paid, to someone in charge of their own long term financial freedom. This is the OneLoan story.

Contact Us

Our specialist team is here to explain what we do and how we do it, learn about your needs and requirements and then get stuck into finding the best solution to your individual situation as quickly as possible.

Our services are highly tailored and we often have to ask personal questions to fully understand your situation and finances. We treat you and your private information with respect, fairness and integrity at all times.